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Soleil peştemal is designed for YOGA. Also ideal for the BEACH and SPA and indispensable for WATER SPORTS as a light weight and compact product taking up much less room in your bag.

Due to its generous size, it can be spread over a yoga mat as a top layer. The size and texture will provide a strong grip on the mat thus you will not need to wet the Serengeti in order to fix it on top of the mat. Use it as a soft blanket during Savasana or to dry off during yoga as it will absorb excess sweat immediately. The soft texture is gentle to the skin soaking up wetness with a non sticky feel unlike microfiber.

The Soleil will also serve as a towel / body wrap after the shower. The thin weave fabric will dry the most hard to reach body parts like toes and ears, but at the same time its absorbency ensures you are snug and dry. The soft texture and vibrant color schemes are also attractive for household use. Water and detergent consumption is considerably lower when compared to old fashioned terry loop towels which eventually help reduce carbon emissions and water consumption.

As a fast drying, highly absorbent, space saving product it is a must for people on the go. Ideal for backpacking to use at camping trips, the gym and with the vibrant color schemes household use is

The travel bag which has a zipper opening on top is made of water resistant material. The bag has wet and dry compartments. Place your used product in the wet compartment and use the dry compartment with the outer mesh to store and carry in a compact size. The travel bag can also serve as a pillow once stuffed with a t-shirt or other garment.

Nagna pestemals are made using the premium all natural cotton. Once washed the slight shrinkage leads to a more absorbent and softer product which improves with every wash and use. Sizes may slightly vary as the product is handmade. Wash cold before first use recommended.



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Textured for a soft feel and high water absorption, the ultra light Serengeti pestemal is designed for the OUTDOORS. It is ideal for camping, backpacking trips, travel and the beach. The Serengeti folds into the mini travel bag enabling easy packing, taking little space in your luggage. Dries within minutes once hanged from its loop to dry in the wind or sun.

Use it as a towel after a swim at the lake or at the beach. The water absorption penetrates to reach between the toes and ears. The natural content will pick up water leaving skin dry unlike the slippery after feel of microfiber. Unfold to a generous size and spread the vibrant colors over a sandy beach, camping ground or a picnic spot.

The uses are left to your imagination. Use it as a shawl or scarf as a fashion item and dazzle with the vibrant colors. Ideal to use as a sarong or body wrap at the beach. Take it to the gym as an ultra lightweight gym towel. Use the mini travel bag to store and carry. Place it in the wet compartment of the travel bag after use, to prevent other belongings from getting wet in your bag or luggage.

Also suitable for household use as the Serengeti takes up much less room in your towel bin and requires less water and detergent to wash. The all natural content will also prevent staining and odor build up as experienced with synthetic towels. Once washed there will be a slight shrinkage in length up to 8% which will eventually improve absorbency and softness.

Nagna pestemals are made using the premium all natural cotton. Sizes may slightly vary as the product is handmade.



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