An old tradition reengineered

An old tradition re-engineered.


Bringing the tradition of the hamam to modern times

Bringing the tradition of the hamam to modern times.

Nagna born,
Nagna life
…a pure form

We are inspired by traditional practices in designing our products. Inherited from the Romans the hamam (traditional Turkish bath) tradition has motivated us to reintroduce the body wrap or pestemal, which is the archaic version of the towel.

The highly absorbent soft texture is ideal to dry up while the light weight is ideal to carry and pack.  The wrap dries faster compared to a towel which is ideal for light weight travel excursions. Nagna body wraps introduce a towel concept which appeals to the environmental conscious consumer. There is less material used in producing a wrap which eventually leads to less water and detergent consumption in washing.

Water has been the source for health and well being throughout history. Steam baths served to detoxify the body for relaxation and to maintain health. Various practices have survived to this day which are located in Scandinavia, Turkey, Japan and Russia.

The hamam, sauna, sweat lodge, banya and onsen are different cultural interpretations of using water and steam for health benefits. The hamam which was inherited by the Turks from the Romans has been a sanctuary to relax the body and mind for centuries.

A sanctuary to cleanse the body and mind.