Nagna | Products for Active Lifestyles

At NAGNA you can find products for active lifestyles that do not compromise on comfort. We are motivated to offer environmentally friendly products that are in tune with nature. This should not be limited to how a product is manufactured but also how it is used. Nature is our guide and our products are produced from materials that are not harmful to the environment. We apply traditional solutions to modern day needs harmonizing the experience of the past with the practicality of the present. Our aim is to create clothing and other accessories for people that have active lifestyles. Our audience are those that embrace nature, the environment and well being.

Nagna designs provide the utmost comfort for relaxed movement while not compromising on style. During an active workout or yoga session or a relaxed day out, there is a choice to dress up instead of down. Clothing has to ergonomically fit the human body to provide functionality and comfort. Comfort, softness, functionality and soft texture are features of Nagna clothes that are essential for physical exercise.

We make apparel and accessories for yoga lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. We are motivated to offer products that address the needs for active lifestyles while maintaining harmony with nature. Our experience and feedback from our customers are the tools we use in designing our products. We never offer a product we have not used and liked ourselves. Improvement is an ongoing process at Nagna that aims to produce the best in form and function. If you are a cyclists, runner, backpacker, hiker, surfer or swimmer Nagna will add festivity to your adventure.